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Find the best Christmas recipes and easy entertaining ideas for every holiday gathering from Food Network chefs.

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  • Flaming Cocoa and a Black Tie
    Video | (02:57)

    Flaming Cocoa and Black Tie: holiday drinks based on Bobby Flay recipes.

  • Cranberry Citrus Dressing
    Video | (01:15)

    Chef Michael Chiarello makes cranberry side dish with an Italian twist.

  • Cornbread Dressing
    Video | (01:05)

    Bobby Flay shows how to make Southern cornbread dressing.

  • Chocolate Lace
    Video | (02:55)

    Try chocolate lace, a holiday treat that was developed in Russia.

  • Tricky Treats
    Video | (02:05)

    The teams are thrown a curve when they have to make treats for visitors.

  • Attack of the Giant Pumpkins
    Video | (01:23)

    Backs threaten to give out as intrepid carvers attack gigantic pumpkins.

  • The Deflating Croaker
    Video | (01:35)

    One team faces disaster when a blown-sugar 'croaker' keeps deflating.

  • Mulled Apple Cider
    Video | (01:51)

    Try Bobby Flay's holiday recipe for mulled apple cider.

  • Gruesome Gum
    Video | (03:37)

    Find out how candy makers create gruesome looking gumball candy.

  • Bar Nut Palmiers
    Video | (02:17)

    Sunny Anderson demonstrates how to make bar nut palmiers.