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  • Mexicocoa
    Video | (03:28)

    Warm up from the inside out with a spicy spiked version of hot chocolate.

  • Orange Currant Pick-Me-Up
    Video | (02:28)

    This fruity drink gets its festive hue from black currant liqueur.

  • Citrus Temptation
    Video | (02:11)

    A citrus-flavor trio gives this drink a tart edge; vodka gives it a kick.

  • S'more Delight Cocktail
    Video | (02:53)

    Transform a campfire favorite into a dessert-worthy cocktail.

  • Chai Toddy
    Video | (02:21)

    This spiced holiday drink is the perfect companion to buttery shortbread.

  • Maple Butter Kiss
    Video | (02:06)

    Try this spicy, grown-up take on a classic butter cookie.

  • Thriller Chiller Cocktails
    Video | (02:35)

    No evil spirits here! Sandra brews up cocktails and mocktails for all ages.

  • Thanksgiving Showdown
    Video | (03:49)

    Iron Chefs Flay, Symon, Garces and Forgione wage a Thanksgiving battle.

  • Whiskey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes
    Video | (03:29)

    Forget the marshmallows: top this dish with spicy whiskey-soaked pecans.

  • Flaming Cocoa and a Black Tie
    Video | (02:57)

    Flaming Cocoa and Black Tie: holiday drinks based on Bobby Flay recipes.