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  • Tyler's Ski Fest
    Video | (04:56)

    All Star Holiday goes skiing and cooking with chef Tyler Florence.

  • Gruesome Gum
    Video | (03:37)

    Find out how candy makers create gruesome looking gumball candy.

  • S'more Delight Cocktail
    Video | (02:53)

    Transform a campfire favorite into a dessert-worthy cocktail.

  • Walnut Sage Gratin
    Video | (02:34)

    Layered potatoes, walnut cream and cheese: this wow dish is a snap to make.

  • Creepy Crawly Candies
    Video | (00:56)

    These scary snacks include candy with real worms as well as the gummy kind.

  • Monstrous Gummi Munchies
    Video | (03:10)

    Get ready for Halloween with scary Gummi monsters and slimy worms.

  • Indian Culinary Adventure
    Video | (04:02)

    Join Rachael Ray for a trip to Union Square Holiday Market and Tamarind.