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Find quick recipes and easy techniques for making lasanga at home from the chefs at Food Network.

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  • Rawsagna
    Recipe courtesy of Jesse Brune, 2010
  • Mini Lasagnas With Sweet Corn
    Video | (03:25)

    Giada and Aunt Raffy make mini lasagnas filled with sweet corn and cheese.

  • Pastitsio
    Video | (05:41)

    Ina makes Pastitsio, a Greek lasagna, with a combination of beef and lamb.

  • Christina's TV Dinners
    by Janette Barber and Christina Deyo
  • Meat-za
    Recipe courtesy of Laura Konen, Fond Du Lac, WI
  • After Hours: Leftovers
    Video | (08:16)

    What can Chopped judges Chris, Geoffrey and Scott make with a basket of leftovers? Watch them cook with lasagna, broccoli, fortune...

  • Pasta Predicament
    Video | (03:50)

    Four chefs face the challenge of making lasagna without a stove - or pasta.

  • America's Mall
    Video | (06:28)

    The chef feeds 200 Mall of America employees with products from the mall.

  • Mushroom & Spinach Bread-zagna
    Video | (03:56)

    Put a spin on lasagna with Rachael's hearty Mushroom & Spinach Bread-zagna.