Lime Recipes

Add a splash of lime to your next dish for a nice kick. Choose from one of these lime-accented recipes and your tastebuds will thank you. 

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  • Passion Fruit Mango Mar-Tony
    Video | (02:01)

    Brian shakes up a cocktail named in honor of his friend Tony.

  • Nancy's Grilled Kebabs
    Video | (02:57)

    Nancy's Grilled Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs are a healthy side dish.

  • Ruby Red Sangria
    Video | (01:29)

    Sunny's sparkling sangria makes use of fruits that are available in winter.

  • Shrimp With Cilantro Rub
    Video | (04:10)

    Michelle and Alex grill spicy marinated shrimp on sugar cane skewers.

  • Frozen Tequila Limeade
    Video | (00:54)

    Bobby's limeade gets its jolt from tequila and fresh lime zest.

  • Ree's Peach Salsa
    Video | (01:24)

    Ree stirs up a quick Peach Salsa with peppers and cilantro.

  • Cherry Splash
    Video | (02:14)

    This sweet-and-tart treat boasts cherry liqueur, nutty amaretto and rum.

  • Clementine Cosmos
    Video | (02:35)

    Clementine simple syrup and vanilla vodka transform the classic Cosmo.