Pomegranate Recipes

Enjoy the tangy-sweet flavor of pomegranate in one of these easy recipes.

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  • Mata Hari
    Recipe courtesy of Employees Only
  • Blissini
    Video | (02:33)

    Made with prosecco and fruit juices, a Blissini is part healthy, part fun.

  • Tropical Skies
    Courtesy Mary Lou Heiss and Green Tea (Harvard Common Press: 2006)
  • Poppy Cocktail
    Recipe courtesy of Sandra Lee, 2008
  • The Red Bikini
    Recipe courtesy of Jonathan Pogash
  • The Fortune Teller
    Recipe courtesy of Jason Robey at Michael's Santa Monica
  • Big Apple Bubbletini
    Video | (01:20)

    This cocktail is big, apple-y and bubbly, just like its name says.