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Find recipes, tips and techniques for cooking with pork from Bobby, Rachael, Giada and more Food Network chefs.

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  • Porchetta With Fingerlings
    Video | (04:29)

    Anne's porchetta is a traditional pork roast on a bed of winter vegetables.

  • The Smoke
    Video | (03:03)

    Bobby cold-smokes and grills maple balsamic glazed pork chops.

  • Kansas City Grill
    Video | (03:52)

    Watch the pros in Kansas City cook up a storm on hickory wood grills.

  • After Hours: Momumental
    Video | (07:20)

    Chopped judges Alex, Maneet and Marc cook with baby food and pork.

  • Miami Latino Christmas
    Video | (03:42)

    The holidays with a Latin flair in hot Miami on A Melting Pot Holiday.

  • Roasted Pig
    Video | (04:10)

    Gordon Elliot recreates the delicious flavor of Hawaiian roasted pig.

  • Train Car Dinner
    Video | (02:44)

    Join Rachael Ray as she dines in a rustic train car in Chattanooga.

  • Adam's Worst Cooks Spoof
    Video | (05:31)

    Adam makes pork nachos and presents them for judgment from Chef Flay.

  • URS Hometown Favorites Winner
    Video | (04:03)

    Andreann Geise's barbecue pork takes top honors in Hometown Favorites.

  • Breakfast Trifle Grits
    Video | (03:45)

    Make this country breakfast in a dish with grits, boiled eggs and sausage.

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