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Learn how to use potatoes, an American staple, in everything from the simplest to the most elegant side dishes and meals.

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  • Night 7: Daniel Humm
    Video | (04:18)

    Daniel Humm presents a rich holiday feast from his native Switzerland.

  • Game Night
    Video | (05:45)

    Ingrid and a small group of friends hit the jackpot with this menu.

  • Let the Chips Fall
    Video | (02:32)

    In this highlight, a chef misses the $20,000 grand prize by a potato chip.

  • GenDare Burger
    Recipe courtesy of Fred Kropf
  • Charbonne
    Recipe courtesy of Au Gourmet De L'isle
  • Cape Cod Chips
    Video | (03:50)

    Sea salt and vinegar: the flavor that has Cape Cod written all over it.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Video | (04:30)

    Ellie reveals the secrets of having the food you crave.

  • Burnt Ends Sandwich
    Video | (03:41)

    Nothing, not even even "burnt ends," goes to waste at Danny Edwards BBQ.

  • Beef & Stout Pie
    Video | (03:44)

    This meaty, inexpensive Aussie-inspired meal-in-a-dish is as easy as pie!

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