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Rice makes the perfect side dish because it's versatile and can be a blank canvas for all kinds of flavors. Look here for easy, delicious recipes from Food Network chefs.

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  • Taste
    Video | (03:54)

    Rice is the main ingredient as the final four face the taste challenge.

  • Arancini al Ragu
    Video | (03:55)

    Sunny gets a lesson in making Arancini al Ragu (deep-fried rice balls).

  • Cajun Street Vendor
    Video | (03:20)

    This gas station-turned eatery is serving premium Cajun dishes daily.

  • Kwanzaa Celebration
    Video | (03:28)

    The Best Of--celebrates the African-American traditions of Kwanzaa.

  • Fishy Appetizers on Chopped
    Video | (03:50)

    Four chefs must make appetizers with beans, sardines, rice cakes and fruit.

  • Cool Tokyo Lights Cocktail
    Video | (01:15)

    Guy's Tokyo Lights cocktail has big, bold flavors that refresh the palate.

  • Kitchen of a Sports Legend
    Video | (04:27)

    Take a tour of the brand new home of football legend Jerry Rice.

  • Smokin' Desserts
    Video | (03:21)

    Sweet ingredients are joined by smoked salt in the dessert round.

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