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  • Brandade with Escabeche
    Recipe courtesy John DeCoursy, Sidecar Restaurant
  • Grilled Lobster Sandwich
    Video | (02:21)

    Bobby makes a luscious sandwich of grilled lobster with corn-avocado salsa.

  • Pico de Gallo
    Recipe courtesy Catalina Canales, owner of Tortilla Cafe in Washington D.C.
  • Latin Grilled Shrimp
    Video | (03:18)

    Try this Melting Pot recipe for grilling your shrimp in zesty Latin style.

  • Coyote Quesadilla
    Video | (03:22)

    Guy says this quesadilla contains "15 pounds" of beans, chicken and cheese.

  • Chilaquiles
    Video | (02:29)

    The way to Marcela's heart: make chilaquiles just like her mom used to.

  • Cuban Beef-Stuffed Potato
    Video | (02:30)

    La Isla shares its recipe for a Cuban beef-stuffed potato with spicy sauce.

  • Lobster Quesadillas
    Video | (04:00)

    The Seafood Shanty on Martha's Vineyard offers a variety of fresh catches.

  • Chicken Scaloppine
    Video | (03:24)

    Perfect for college students who want to expand beyond the PB&J sandwich.

  • Wild Mushroom Quesadillas
    Video | (03:40)

    In minutes, chef Rachael Ray cooks up wild mushroom quesadillas.