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Get your salty fix with these snacks and sweet bites. 

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  • Stuffed Quahog
    Video | (02:12)

    For clammy, spicy, salty goodness, Duff recommends the Stuffed Quahog.

  • Split Peas With Pig Tails
    Video | (02:01)

    Here's a classic Caribbean stew that's full of smoky, salty goodness.

  • Claire Robinson: Brownies
    Video | (02:02)

    Claire Robinson is committed to these sweet and salty, caramel brownies.

  • Nonna Luna's Baked Risotto
    Video | (02:35)

    Prosciutto adds its salty goodness to Nonna Luna's Baked Risotto.

  • Food for Fido and Mayo Phobia
    Video | (04:01)

    Adam weighs in on food trucks for dogs, fear of mayonnaise and much more.

  • Mojito
    Recipe courtesy of Alex Garcia, Calle Ocho, Restaurant
  • Cape Cod Chips
    Video | (03:50)

    Sea salt and vinegar: the flavor that has Cape Cod written all over it.

  • Tartufo
    Video | (01:58)

    This chocolate-covered ice cream treat has a surprise in the middle.