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  • Marketing at the Rodeo
    Video | (03:04)

    Teams market their sliders and chicken-fried steak at a real Texas rodeo.

  • Cart Your Engines
    Video | (42:00)

    In the Aisle Showdown, the chefs are limited to items found on one aisle.

  • For Papa
    Video | (21:00)

    Ladd's father has been honored with an award so Ree is throwing a party.

  • Old West Eatery
    Video | (04:02)

    Host Jill Cordes gets the real beef on this successful small town eatery.

  • Gambler's Special
    Video | (02:08)

    Feeling lucky? Try Mr. Lucky's Gambler's Special at the Hard Rock Casino.

  • Oaks Gourmet Burger
    Video | (03:51)

    Rahm finds an incredible gourmet treat: a dry-aged steak burger for $12.

  • Green Bean Stuffed Portobellos
    Video | (03:00)

    Where's the meat? Who cares, when you're serving the "steak of mushrooms."

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