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Find easy recipes for perfectly grilled skirt steak, rib-eye, filet mignon and more.

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  • What Would Bobby Do: Grilling

    When it comes to the grill, Bobby Flay is a pretty tough act to beat. Adam decides to take some inspiration from the master and tries...

  • Smoked Ham Stuffed Pierogi
    Video | (06:05)

    Aaron makes pierogi, Polish dumplings, stuffed with ham and potatoes.

  • Rakka Rocks Filet
    Video | (02:42)

    At Cafe Rakka, Chef Rakka cooks filet mignon on a rock of Himalayan salt.

  • Weber Grilling
    Video | (02:14)

    The chefs at Weber Grill Restaurant show us grilling perfection.

  • North African Spice Butter
    Video | (03:29)

    Spice up a steak with an easy flavored butter you can make in advance.

  • Lomo Saltado
    Recipe courtesy of Cesar Izquierdo, owner of Taste of Peru in Chicago, IL.
  • Cocoa-Coffee BBQ Filet Mignon
    Video | (02:07)

    Chocolate-coffee barbecue sauce tops this perfectly grilled filet mignon.

  • Stir-Fry in a Bun
    Video | (02:40)

    Guy's sirloin, onions and peppers in a bun makes an easy hand-held meal.

  • R2R: Beef Empanadas
    Video | (02:08)

    Salisbury steak round 2: beef empanadas.

  • Tybee Rib-Eye and Oysters
    Video | (03:15)

    Oysters top Hollandaise-drenched steak in this Southern comfort-food feast.

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