Find out how to make confections, candies, cakes and other delicious recipes for cooking with sugar with help from your favorite Food Network chefs.

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  • Apple and Thyme Martini
    Video | (01:55)

    Giada's apple martini gets a touch of sweetness from a thyme simple syrup.

  • Brazilian Martini
    Video | (01:12)

    Guy Fieri mixes up a colorful Brazilian martini.

  • Thump Yer Melon Cocktail
    Video | (01:28)

    Guy's Thump Yer Melon cocktail: so full of fruit, it must be good for you.

  • Lollipops
    Video | (05:21)

    Gale Gand creates colorful swirled "psychedelic" lollipops.

  • Wise Guy Cocktail
    Video | (01:33)

    Guy and his friend Michael shake up a couple of citrusy Wise Guy Cocktails.

  • A Salty Dilemma
    Video | (01:45)

    Will Daniel realize in time that he used salt for sugar in his crumble?

  • Creme Caramel
    Video | (03:50)

    Alex's simple creme caramel is rich-tasting but not too sweet or heavy.

  • The Deflating Croaker
    Video | (01:35)

    One team faces disaster when a blown-sugar 'croaker' keeps deflating.

  • Spiced Cabernet
    Video | (01:50)

    Dave combines red wine, citrus and spices for his version of mulled wine.