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  • Chickpea, Ham and Chard Soup
    Video | (04:40)

    Pat and Gina cook up a pot of savory chickpea, ham and Swiss chard soup.

  • Fall Greens & Crucifers Guide
    Video | (03:07)

    Chef Alex shares tips for buying and cooking fall greens and crucifers.

  • Mehlsuppe and Butterosti
    A specialty of "The Bahnhof-Buffet", Zurich, Main Railway Station, Switzerland.
    4 Reviews
    Cook Time:
    2 hr 30 min
  • Inside Out Burger
    Video | (04:22)

    Burgers on the outside, mushrooms, bacon and cheese on the inside.

  • Cheese Fondue
    Recipe courtesy Bob Blumer
    3 Reviews
    Cook Time:
    10 min
  • Night 7: Daniel Humm
    Video | (04:18)

    Daniel Humm presents a rich holiday feast from his native Switzerland.

  • Bobby's Miami Burger
    Video | (02:40)

    Bobby Flay grills up his Cuban sandwich-inspired Miami burger.

  • Creamed Rainbow Chard
    Video | (03:04)

    Tyle ruses chard in place of spinach in this traditional creamy side dish.

  • French Blue Lobster
    Video | (03:22)

    Try blue lobsters stuffed with veggies, and topped with a Swiss cheese gratin.

  • Against the Tide
    Video | (42:00)

    The chefs swim against the tide when they combine fish with chocolate.