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Check out these tea recipes and pour yourself a cup, whether your craving it hot or iced.

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  • Michelle's Trinidadian Tonic
    Recipe courtesy of W. Michelle Beckles
  • Outdoor Entertaining
    Video | (21:01)

    It's back to basics on outdoor entertaining.

  • Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies
    Video | (02:33)

    These fragrant cookies are flavored with Earl Grey tea and vanilla extract.

  • Teaism Chai
    Recipe courtesy of Teaism
  • Chai Yai Yai
    Courtesy Stephen Phillips
  • Have a Heart
    Video | (42:00)

    Have a heart! Duck-heart starters are the chefs ticket to the second round.

  • Grills Gone Wild
    Video | (21:01)

    It's a trip around the world, right from the backyard!

  • Night 12: Christopher Kostow
    Video | (03:58)

    Christopher Kostow whips up a menu of cutting-edge American cuisine.

  • Chai-Spiced S'Mores
    Video | (03:26)

    The chocolate for these treats is infused with spices from chai tea leaves.

  • Damaris' Chai-Spiced Grits
    Video | (01:11)

    Chai tea adds a touch of exotic spice to Damaris' Southern staple: grits.