Summer Drinks & Cocktail Recipes

Fresh Cocktails the Flay Way

Bobby Flay's summer cocktail recipes take refreshing to a whole new level.

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  • Beer Margaritas
    Beer Margaritas (01:30)
    How to Make Bourbon Pops
    How to Make Bourbon Pops (01:37)
    Pina Pisco Cocktail
    Pina Pisco Cocktail (03:19)
    How to Make Sangria
    How to Make Sangria (02:31)
    Blueberry Limoncello Cooler
    Blueberry Limoncello Cooler (01:27)
    Guy's Silver Sangria Cocktail
    Guy's Silver Sangria Cocktail (01:43)
    Bobby's Frozen Mojito
    Bobby's Frozen Mojito (00:49)
    Grilled Papaya Caipirinhas
    Grilled Papaya Caipirinhas (02:03)
  • Champagne Sangria
    Champagne Sangria (03:01)
    Sangria Perea
    Sangria Perea (00:48)
    Mango Daiquiri
    Mango Daiquiri (02:02)
    Pomegranate Cosmos
    Pomegranate Cosmos (01:39)
    Long Island Iced Tea
    Long Island Iced Tea (01:10)
    Guy's Strawberry Margarita
    Guy's Strawberry Margarita (01:25)
    Blended Cherry Mojitos
    Blended Cherry Mojitos (01:45)
    Ina's Pink Lemonade
    Ina's Pink Lemonade (01:23)
  • Berry Berry Fizz
    Berry Berry Fizz (01:29)
    White Sangria
    White Sangria (02:54)
    Italian Sangria
    Italian Sangria (02:21)
    Lemon Cucumber Gin Punch
    Lemon Cucumber Gin Punch (02:14)
    Bobby's Coolest Hot-Day Drinks
    Bobby's Coolest Hot-Day Drinks (03:13)
    Fresh Cocktails the Flay Way
    Fresh Cocktails the Flay Way (02:41)
    Sandra's Coconut Margarita
    Sandra's Coconut Margarita (01:54)