Our Chefs' Best Kid-Friendly Recipes and Tips

Childhood Hates Turned Faves

Celebrity chefs reveal food they hated as kids but can't get enough of now.

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  • Zucchini and Corn Pirate Boats
    Zucchini and Corn Pirate Boats (03:13)
    Guy's Kitchen Dos & Don'ts
    Guy's Kitchen Dos & Don'ts (03:48)
    Giada Talks Cooking With Kids
    Giada Talks Cooking With Kids (03:14)
    Childhood Hates Turned Faves
    Childhood Hates Turned Faves (01:01)
    Breakfast Pizza
    Breakfast Pizza (01:57)
    Cooking With Your Kids
    Cooking With Your Kids (01:39)
    Banana Dog
    Banana Dog (01:38)
    Tortellini Totem Poles
    Tortellini Totem Poles (01:39)
  • Ravioli Upgrade
    Ravioli Upgrade (01:57)
    Frozen Ice Pops
    Frozen Ice Pops (02:00)
    Mini Shepherd's Pies
    Mini Shepherd's Pies (05:20)
    Kiwi Snow Kone
    Kiwi Snow Kone (01:19)
    Spinach-Bacon Grilled Cheese
    Spinach-Bacon Grilled Cheese (03:17)
    Mexico City Style Tacos
    Mexico City Style Tacos (03:56)
    Ree's Hand Cookies
    Ree's Hand Cookies (03:48)
    Guy & Kids: Pasta
    Guy & Kids: Pasta (05:37)
  • Chow Mein Noodle Cookies
    Chow Mein Noodle Cookies (02:51)
    Kids Favorite Sandwiches
    Kids Favorite Sandwiches (04:45)
    Festive Rainbow Fruit Skewers
    Festive Rainbow Fruit Skewers (03:14)