Tablescape Tricks 'n' Treats

Sandra shares bewitching secrets for setting a ghoulishly glamorous table.

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  • Tablescape Tricks 'n' Treats
    Tablescape Tricks 'n' Treats (02:02)
    Ghoulishly Delicious Cupcakes
    Ghoulishly Delicious Cupcakes (02:18)
    Halloween Fun With Sandra Lee
    Halloween Fun With Sandra Lee (02:53)
    Sandra's Dreamscape Cocktail
    Sandra's Dreamscape Cocktail (01:54)
    Dragon's Blood Party Punch
    Dragon's Blood Party Punch (01:26)
    Magical Mad Hatter Cocktail
    Magical Mad Hatter Cocktail (02:25)
    Phoenix Rising Cocktail
    Phoenix Rising Cocktail (01:07)
    Sandra's Firewater Martini
    Sandra's Firewater Martini (01:26)
  • Sandra's Pumpkin Jelly Shots
    Sandra's Pumpkin Jelly Shots (03:34)
    Sandra's Wonderland Cocktail
    Sandra's Wonderland Cocktail (01:35)
    Tehachapi Moon Pies
    Tehachapi Moon Pies (02:13)
    Sandra's Pumpkin Sangria
    Sandra's Pumpkin Sangria (02:11)
    Thriller Chiller Cocktails
    Thriller Chiller Cocktails (02:35)
    Sandra Lee Halloween
    Sandra Lee Halloween (01:10)
    Spooky Punch
    Spooky Punch (03:05)
    Strawberry Jack-O-Lanterns
    Strawberry Jack-O-Lanterns (02:36)
  • Spooky Witch's Brew Cocktail
    Spooky Witch's Brew Cocktail (02:10)