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By: Rachel Trujillo

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How to Make Christmas Crackers

Set a perfect holiday table with these whimsical treats.

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5 Things Alton Brown Taught Me About Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

by Maria Russo
His Thanksgiving classes on the Food Network Kitchen app are full of genius info.


Cooking an Entire Pumpkin In an Instant Pot Is the Best Hack Yet

by Rachel Trujillo
Making pumpkin pie just got a lot more interesting!


Do You Eat Salad On Thanksgiving? We Think You Should!

by Michelle Baricevic
These five healthy salads are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu.


How to Make the Best Stuffed Mushrooms Ever

by Meaghan Cameron
Say goodbye to soggy mushrooms with these game-changing tips from Valerie Bertinelli's live demo on the Food Network Kitchen app.


All the Thanksgiving Groceries You Should Buy at Costco

by Rachel Trujillo
Buying in bulk is our secret Thanksgiving hack!


You’re Probably Making This Baking Mistake and Don’t Even Realize It

by Maria Russo
Baker and cookbook author Samantha Seneviratne dropped some valuable knowledge during a class on the Food Network Kitchen app recently, and it’s changed the way we’ll bake from now on.

This Class Will Take Your Holiday Cheese Board to the Next Level

by Amy Reiter
And I mean that quite literally.

Pull-Apart Parker House Rolls

These classic rolls are served with a trio of flavored melted butters.

No-Bake PBJ Cheesecake

If you love PBJ, you'll love this giant no-bake cheesecake.

Thanksgiving on the Grill

From turkey to pumpkin pie, everything on the menu can be grilled.

Cranberry Pie

This fluffy cranberry pie is even better in a cranberry-flavored crust.

Crispiest Ever Potatoes

Smashing gives these potatoes more contact with the pan.