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Shortcut Party Ideas for Game Day

The game will be on, and yes, there will be food. But you really don’t have to make all of it from scratch. It’s good to work a few store-bought items into your spread to make the day easier. Save the frozen pizza for family movie night and check out the following supermarket staples. Each is a cinch to dress up in unexpectedly tempting ways, saving you time and leaving your crowd full and happy. Maybe they’ll even save a fist pump for you.
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Frozen Phyllo Cups

Fill these handy shells with mac and cheese, pulled pork or black bean salsa, and forget the forks.

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Crescent Rolls

For a fresh take on calzones, wrap up cold cuts like salami, prosciutto and mortadella plus provolone in these rolls (and toss in some spicy peppers if you're in the mood). Bake and serve with a side of Italian dressing or marinara for dipping.

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Boxed Cornbread Mix

Add your stamp to this chili counterpart by folding savory ingredients into the batter. Try jalapenos and cheddar, bacon and blue cheese, or ham and scallions.
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Rotisserie Chicken

For a play on wings, shred a rotisserie chicken, toss the meat with wing sauce and make Buffalo chicken quesadillas. Serve blue cheese dressing in place of salsa for dipping.

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