On the Map: A Guide to Chicago Hot Dogs

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Hot dog! Chicago is a fun place for a frank fanatic. Here are the top spots.

1.Dog Decor
HOT DOUG'S is known for its off-the-wall daily specials, but that's not the only reason to visit. The walls are lined with must-see hot dog art, like clocks made from plastic hot dogs and famous paintings remade with hot dog subjects. Hot dogs from $2; 3324 North California Ave.; hotdougs.com

2. Classic Dog
The Chicago dog at the SUPERDAWG DRIVE-IN hasn't changed in 65 years. Its version is a beef frank with mustard, relish, onions, a dill pickle and sport peppers on a poppy seed bun. Superdawg's rogue topping: pickled green tomatoes instead of regular. $5.50 (includes fries); 6363 North Milwaukee Ave.; superdawg.com

3. Big Dog
At MURPHY'S RED HOTS, the Footlong Red Hot is butterflied down the middle and "dragged through the garden" (dressed with classic Chicago toppings). It's big enough to share, but most customers polish it off on their own. $5; 1211 West Belmont Ave.; murphysredhots.com

4. Dog Making
True Chicago dogs start with Vienna Beef franks, and you can visit the source at the VIENNA BEEF FACTORY. You'll get to eat lunch alongside factory workers and buy hot dog–themed gear. Plan ahead if you want a tour: They're booked until 2014! Free tours; 2501 North Damen Ave.; viennabeef.com

5. Sweet Dog
The Sweet Home Chicago dog at FRANKS 'N' DAWGS looks like a Windy City classic, but it's actually a brioche French toast bun studded with chia seeds, then filled with chocolate ice cream, fruit, almonds and butterscotch. $5; 1863 North Clybourn Ave.; franksndawgs.com

6. Dog Dress-Up
At the CHICAGO HISTORY MUSEUM, you can lie in a 5-foot bun and cover yourself in pillows shaped like Chicago-style condiments. The game is meant for kids, but adults are just as likely to jump in. $14 admission; 1601 North Clark St.; chicagohs.org

7. Chili Dog Pizza 
The execs at ROSATI'S PIZZA love hot dogs so much, they rolled out a pie last summer topped with chili, grilled onions, mozzarella, cheddar, slices of jalapeño and hot dogs. It's still sold at the Grand Avenue store.From $14; 126 West Grand Ave.; myrosatis.com

(Illustration by Michael A. Hill)

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