SC Job #7, Interviewer

By: Secretary Confidential

Move over, Barbara Walters. Secretary Confidential thought it would be fun to interview intriguing FN staffers. Check out Part I, when she chats with scheduling manager, secret FN tour guide and roasted broccoli enthusiast, Joe Moseley.

SC: If you could be any FN Star, who would you be and why?

Joe: Jamie Oliver. The first time I watched him, I felt an amazing calm wash over me, instant valium! The real star of his show was the food, as it should be. I wanted to be in his garden, eating it all. What I truly love about Jamie is his generosity. He mentors youth at risk; turning them into food professionals -- awesome. He even challenged the UK to rethink school lunches with fresh, healthy alternatives.

SC. What was your most memorable experience with the talent?

J: When I brought my daughter Alexine to see Emeril Live. We had front row seats and were fed like royalty. I was so happy to bring her backstage to meet him personally. She’s 14, is a huge FN fan and I was pleased to give her that unique experience. I felt like a real cool dad that day. One of my all-time favorites, Jacques Pepin, was the show's guest and I got to meet him as well.

SC: How long have you worked here and what's the best part of it?

J: I've been here since September '97 -- the network's grown so much since then. The best part about FN is the people. Everyone loves food and cooking, we eat lunch together (even watch Bourdain on No Reservations—shhhhhh!). I'll know many of these folks for life. I even met my wife here. What can I say?

SC: Anne loves “Bye-bye, my Sweeties,” Rachael says "Yummo," Emeril's got the "Bam." What’s your food catch phrase?

J: “Soup's on!”

What's your cooking phrase, FN Dishers? We know you have one, so share!

Happy Holiday Plating...

Secretary Confidential

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