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By: Roni

I'm back! How did the foray into Food & Finance work out for you?

( and a big "shout-out" to reader Robin Koury -- nothing like the goal of a warm and sunny vacation (particularly in late-January) to keep you focused and motivated!)

Last time, we were discussing how to shop – budget, make a list, clip coupons, use cash. This post focuses on where to shop, and here’s the surprise...

No location is off limits! I’ve heard everyone weigh-in on getting the most bang from your food bucks – even CNBC’s Jim Cramer. My experience has shown me that there are benefits and pitfalls to every shopping venue. Use the tips below to minimize your spending and maximize your return. And remember to post updates on your successes and your setbacks. We're all in this together!

Yours in food frugality,

i. Weekly sales and specials
ii. Circulars are great for shaping budget and meal planning
iii. Customer affinity programs often provide for additional savings
iv. Maximize variety
v. Store brands often far cheaper than major name brands


i. EXCESSIVE VARIETY – Potential kryptonite to your budget – stick to your list

ii. LOSS LEADERS/TEASER SALES – Stores use teaser sales and specials to draw you in, but the bulk of the items you need may actually be less expensive elsewhere. Do your research.

iii. SPENDING INCENTIVES -- Customer reward programs provide a reason to spend more money – and the rebates are only good for the purchase of goods – no cash is returned to the customer. ( e.g. Spend $100 and save $10).

The Point: Can be cost-effective and time-efficient, especially if you utilize sales and affinity programs, but beware of over-spending triggered by the variety of available goods or rebate "incentives".


i. Lower per-unit prices than grocery stores

ii. Buying in bulk may reduce the number of trips and the chance for budget-busting temptation

iii. Some clubs have rebate programs ( i.e., refunds on total purchases made throughout the year).


i. LIMITED SAVINGS -- sale or promotional prices at grocery stores can be lower than the per-unit prices at warehouse clubs

ii. DANGEROUS IMPULSES -- On-site product samples are a constant source of temptation --designed to trigger expensive impulse purchases. ( Don't shop when you're hungry!)

iii. MEMBERSHIP FEES -- Requires payment of a membership fee – do the math first

iv. SPENDING INCENTIVES -- Any rebates you receive are not cash back, but certificates or gift cards only used to purchase of goods and services offered by that club

v. WASTE -- Buying in bulk is only an effective savings tool if you actually use everything you purchase before it spoils, gets stale or becomes boring -- BEWARE

vi. LIMITED DISCOUNTS -- You cannot use ordinary manufacturer’s coupons in warehouse clubs. They often provide a book of coupons specifically for use in their stores

The Point: Great for buying items with a long shelf-life or those you use frequently (e.g. cereal, paper towels). Fresh produce and other perishables are a good option for larger families or for groups of friends to divide. Beware – it's costly to give into temptation when buying in bulk. Also, choose wisely to avoid waste or spoilage.



i. Serious foodie heaven! The best location for high-end, hard-to-find foods -- organic and pesticide-free produce and packaged goods, imported goods, cage-free, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free milk and dairy products

ii. Often a pleasant, no BEAUTIFUL, experience – bountiful produce, wide aisles, soothing lights -- AAAAAAH

iii. Specials and sales; particularly on local goods and in-season produce

iv. Prices can also be reasonable on non-specialty goods ( e.g. milk or bread) – sometimes they are less than conventional supermarkets


i. EXPENSIVE! ( generally speaking). If you work hard enough, you'll find some deals

ii. TEMPTING! Go in for Arborio rice and come out half-a-paycheck lighter and only one bag.

iii. INEFFICIENT! Hard to stick to your budget and buy everything on your list. Be prepared to hit the grocery store, warehouse club or online grocer as well

The Point: You may catch a bargain here or there and the experience alone may be worth the visit, but save the heavy-duty shopping for more conventional venues.


i. Easier to avoid temptation without all the food samples

ii. Online services tied to your local supermarket often honor the same rewards discounts, sales, specials and coupons as in-store

iii. EFFICIENCY MAXIMIZED. For many of us, time is money. A few minutes online and your groceries arrive at your door hours later

iv. Many online grocers include additional helpful information on their sites, including menu planning assistance, nutritional information and recipes


i. THE DEATH OF THE "CASH-ONLY" RULE. One of my shopping rules is to use cash only. That’s not possible if you are ordering online, and for some it’s too easy to add an impulse item or two with a quick click. Use your debit card, and if that doesn’t provide enough discipline, log off, get up and go to the store with your cash.

ii. DELIVERY CHARGES AND MINIMUMS. It’s not uncommon for delivery charges to be higher for smaller orders. If your order is less than $100, you could wind up paying in excess of 10% of your total for delivery charges. Some online grocers will not deliver small orders (e.g. less than $60).

iii. MISSING THE THRILL. Some may find it strange, but there are those of us who actually enjoy the shopping experience. If nothing else, walking up and down those aisles burns a few calories.

The Point: Efficient way to obtain many of the same savings you would find at your local supermarket, provided that you are purchasing enough to justify delivery charges and can handle charging purchases to a credit card.

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