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By: Roni

Hi readers! Two weeks have quickly gone by and it’s time for another food frugality pep talk. But this time I need one! You know, writing the food shopping rules and tips you read in this column is a lot easier than abiding by them 24/7. Last week I had a major setback.

What happened? I violated a personal rule. I hadn’t included this rule in my inaugural column about “How to Shop” but last week’s debacle made it clear to me that this tip must be shared right now, so here it is...


I can’t emphasize it enough. My failure to observe this rule resulted in a warehouse club meltdown! As penance, I will now be eating the same cracker (that shall remain nameless) for the next six months. It tasted great when the “greeter” put this yummy spread on it (which I also bought), but I’ve already run through the spread and I have enough crackers left to build a fairly sturdy addition on my house.

Truthfully readers, if your stomach is growling and your head is pounding, everything on the grocery shelf becomes an animate object. The cookies and chips speak to you. Ice cream and candy dance into your cart. You leave the warehouse club with a side of beef, a thirty-pound sack of potatoes and six months worth of crackers.

Kick the habit. Shopping while starving results in slimmer bank balances and bigger pant sizes – that’s truly a no-win situation. Make sure to have something to eat before going to the supermarket (or whatever food venue is your destination). Select something that will sustain you for a couple of hours – avoid the quick sugar-high. It’s also a good idea to bring a snack with you (it works to keep the kids from losing it, doesn’t it?).

So now you know, even Ms. Frugality has her vulnerable moments. If you’ve had a setback, share your story; I’m sure that you’ll find that everyone falls off the financial fitness wagon from time to time. Don’t give up! Just get back on and we’ll continue down the road to success.

Yours in food frugality,

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