Bacon Inspiration

By: Fay

You know a recipe is going to be a hit when the crew is inching towards the kitchen island, waiting for the director to yell "cut!", prepared to lunge forth and get a bite as quickly as possible.  You also know it's going to be a hit when the crew then goes home for the weekend and comes back to set on Monday saying that they all cooked it at home. This is the most talked about, most eaten, most craved, and probably most crew-cooked recipe of the whole run of our newest show 5 Ingredient Fix, featuring our newest star Claire Robinson.  Luckily for all of you, that very recipe will appear on this Saturday's episode "Rise and Shine", April 18 at 9:30 AM ET/PT. 

What is this mysterious recipe? 

It should be no surprise that it involves bacon, for what other food can inspire such devotion?  Claire's simple but delicious Maple Candied Bacon only requires 3 - yes, 3! - ingredients.  It does, however, require a bit more restraint to avoid eating a whole batch.   I should know, I too went home that weekend and cooked up a bunch of it, and even took a picture for posterity.

You have to try this magical bacon, too! 

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