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Last weekend I wasn’t the only one clocking some extra hours. Former NFNS, spikey haired host, Guy Fieri was working overtime too—shooting. "How can you work, SC, when larger than life personality is three floors above you taping new shows for Guy's Big Bite? " you ask. Well, uh, I didn't…officially. I just sought out the dish.

As Mr. Fieri would say, what I've uncovered "is the bomb!"
Some cool facts I discovered:

- The linoleum flooring on set is supposedly one of the most difficult of the elements to work with: it has to be laid out about a week in advance, so it can "relax" and to keep bubbles from appearing as pockets within the floor. Apparently, for 30MM, the linoleum flooring for Rachael Ray's 30MM set has been actually turned over and painted on the back -- so that the TRUE pattern is never seen on the show..only the painted side is up.

- The sets are built off site and then brought into the studio to assemble. Off site it takes about 3 weeks to build, and then it's assembled in about 3 days in the studio upstairs.

- The hubcaps on the wall are all from vintage cars that Design Director, Wendy Waxman, collected.

- The fridge with the racing stripe was custom designed specifically for Guy's set.

Also, SC got her LITTLE mits on the original sketch OF Guy's Big Bite set, and of course, the executed version of the set to the right:

Who are the hands behind the mod fun design? Set Designer, Amelia Battaglio. It’s been built, stripped, and rebuilt six times! The latest stage has some new accoutrements—but keep an eye out, as our Food Network insider, Bruce Seidel, will reveal Guy’s new set additions via video, right here, on April 13th.

So, what major changes do you see from the two images? Let me know. Until next time, heres to keeping it hot!

Yours Truly,
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