Paula Deen on Tofu

NPR quizzed Paula Deen on tofu a few weeks ago, and if you haven't heard the segment should. When the Butter Queen was a guest on NPR's quiz show, " Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!", she played the "Not My Job" quiz. And if anything is not Paula's's tofu.

When you have 11 minutes and 2 seconds to spare, take a listen to the entire interview and quiz here. But if you can't find the time, here's a cheat sheet of my favorite moments to fast forward to:

At 1:03 into the segment:

Paula tells us which recipe of hers should have the disclaimer, "Only one serving per lifetime."

At 3:25 into the segment:

Find out how Paula deep fries an ottoman.

At 6:30 into the segment:

Paula answers three questions about tofu.

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