Battle Chicken Breast

By: Kirsten Vala
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Michael Symon once said in an episode of Dinner Impossible, "If it doesn't have skin or bones, it doesn't have flavor." In a tough, do or die situation, he refused to use skinless, boneless chicken breasts. He called my go-to meat of choice "flavorless." I was stunned by the insight. Could he be right?

Enter fellow Iron Chef, Bobby Flay – king of burgers, master of the grill, man of the spice rack. . . Could one of Bobby's recipes prove Symon wrong? Armed with eight Indian-ish spices and Bobby's Tandoori Spiced Chicken Breast recipe, I was hopeful.

I kept a level head and only made a fraction of the spice mixture that Bobby suggests (1 tablespoon cayenne pepper for three chicken breasts?). I smeared it all over my skinless boneless chicken breasts and cooked them on a scorching hot cast iron skillet. (Indoor grilling tip: Open all the windows and have a fan handy.)

All I can say is, "Wow!!" This chicken packed a flavorful punch, due somewhat to the heat of cayenne. (Spice-novice tip: When following Bobby's lead, take it easy on the cayenne.) Along with Bobby's chutney-ish grilled tomato jam and a thankfully cooling mint-yogurt sauce, the dish was wonderfully full of flavor.

Actually, for a person without a grill, a barbecue or a yard of any sort, I've worked my way through a surprising number of recipes from our Backyard BBQ and Ultimate Grilling Guide features, including Jerk Cornish Hens from the Food Network Magazine and Alton's Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? Ribs. I'm happy to say they've all made excellent (indoor) summer meals.

Did you know? Our Grilling Guide is updated monthly throughout the summer. What would you like to see more of? Chicken, desserts, side dishes, Bobby Flay? Let us know!

Kirsten, Web Editor
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