Coolest Moments: The Premiere

By: Sommer

Working at Food Network leads to personal experiences and opportunities that sometimes are unimaginable. So I decided to share one of my own and be the warm-up act for bigger, better stories to come later in the “series” from the rest of Creative Services.

My coolest moment at Food Network has to be the New York City “ No Reservations” feature film premiere and after party in July 2007. At FN, we get to join forces in our partnerships with many major companies. But my personal faves are always the movie studios. Because not only do you get to see select footage before anyone even knows anything about the movie (i.e. The Soloist, I laughed, I cried, I gloated internally), but there are always the faintest whispers in the air about movie tickets. And as someone who is one step under Steven Spielberg when it comes to supporting the movie industry financially, the prospect of even going to just a free movie, sans premiere status, always makes me happier than the prospect of ice cream cake at a birthday party. This particular opportunity was super-sized special because it was my very first “fabulous” event, the ones I always dreamed would happen like everyday once I moved to NYC. Even though my department was allotted a certain number of tix, I actually received my ticket from Susie Fogelson’s amazing assistant (and my favorite Manhattan foodie guide), Norina. So us two gals about town went to the movie, got our free popcorn and soda and clapped with everyone else when Aaron Eckhart walked into the theater to take his seat.

Then we joined up with some other coworkers and went to the after party at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain, (my initial foray into the world of proper NYC cuisine, fittingly). We had delectable hors d'oeuvres (steak and puff pastries, ceviche, clams, truffle something and so on) and to my utter elation, dinner. Unfortunately Bobby wasn’t there, though I did keep my eyes peeled the entire night. I happily ate standing up at the tall candle-lit white table-clothed tables, had Catherine Zeta-Jones walk so close to me I could’ve reached out and braided her perfectly shiny hair, congratulated the director with sincerity worthy of a proud mother and received my first “swag” (my favorite mini Food Network tote). Definitely one of my coolest FN moments so far…come back for more favorite Food Network moments from my coworkers!

Happy Wednesday,

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