Side Dish: More Food on the Web

By: Julia Simon

The Potato Non-Famine: Chris Voigt, executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, announced last October that he was going to eat nothing but potatoes for 60 days. His reason? "It seemed as if the potato was being blamed for the obesity crisis, for diabetes, that it was the scourge of the earth," Voigt explained to the Seattle Times. WIth the two-month mission just about up -- which resulted in him pounding down 20 potatoes a day and dropping almost as many pounds -- Voigt has every reason to be pleased. []

A Few Reasons Why One Should Never Make Ketchup: If you've ever thought about concocting that sweet tomato condiment at home, read on as humor rag McSweeny's throws a rotten tomato at the idea. "You need mustard to make this ketchup?" the writer asks on more than one occasion. "Give up now." []

One-Item Menu Restaurant Trend: In urban areas, it's not uncommon to find restaurants that serve one thing and one thing only. Whether the niche item is mac & cheese, meatballs or rice pudding, these hot spots are succeeding with featured dishes that spark a nostalgic response from the patron. “ Fried chicken is comforting because it has an emotional touch point, but it’s also cravable,” Elizabeth Karmel, chef at NYC's Hill Country, told the New York Times. “We had no idea just how desperate people would be to eat fried chicken.” []

Red Bees Swarm Brooklyn: Bees living in urban environments have, evidently, lots of distractions from foliage. In Brooklyn, Dell's Maraschino Cherries Company is calling to the little guys with promises of sweet (and Red Dye No. 40-colored) nectar. When the bees return to the hive, their honey is turning out red and metallic tasting. But not all's lost, according to one Brooklyn beekeeper, David Selig. “When the sun is a bit down, they glow red in the evenings,” Selig told the New York Times. “They were slightly fluorescent. And it was beautiful.” []

Here's our round-up of food news, trends and happenings across the web. Check back for more, and tell us what else you're loving in the comments.

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