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Food Network Magazine April Cover

Food Network stars answer your burning questions in the April issue of Food Network Magazine:

Justin, how would you describe your relationship with Alton? You two are definitely Food Network's outside-the-box father-son dream team.

Amanda Bisesi via Facebook

I lost my father when I was in my teens, and as a young man I haven't had the "paternal push" to get things done. I've just done things on my own — most of the time resulting in success. But now there is someone who I can bounce ideas off of as I continue to grow into my new role as TV-food-guru-outside-the-boxer.

— Justin Warner

Ree, I love your white icing recipe, but I can't seem to keep the texture consistent. What is the secret?

Debra Torres from Homestead, Fla.

My classic white frosting, known as the original red velvet cake frosting (, is one of the best things I've ever tasted — but it does require a bit of patience and perseverance. Two tips: Make sure the milk-flour mixture is cooled to room temperature and not chilled before you add it to the butter-sugar mixture. And keep beating it like crazy until it finally starts to whip. There have been times I've made it when I thought all hope was lost, but I just kept beating — and it eventually came together!

— Ree Drummond

Ron, on Sweet Genius, how do you decide what special ingredients are paired with an inspiration?

Bonnie Torrey via Facebook

It takes a long time — we make lots of lists! At first, it was easy to come up with ideas. After the second season, it was harder. Sweet Genius viewers actually started posting suggestions on my Facebook page (, and we've used many of the fun and new ones.

— Ron Ben-Israel

Ina, sometimes when I use jumbo eggs I come across two yolks in one egg. When this happens, I always face a dilemma: Should I count that as one egg or two? What do you think?

Maria Sedotti from Ellington, Conn.

They're twins! It's totally OK to use the egg with two yolks — I always just count it as one. You can use it because the egg is generally the same weight as a similar-size egg with one yolk.

— Ina Garten

Aarón, if there was one food you'd take to a deserted island, and you had all the essential tools to cook, what would that food be?

Linda Hemphill from Englewood, Fla.

I assume coconuts would be on the island, and I could eat and drink those. I guess avocado: Not only could I eat it, but I could mash it and use it as a sunscreen and moisturizer.

— Aarón Sánchez

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