Dessert for Breakfast: Stationery for the Doughnut Lover in All of Us

By: Kelly Lanza, Oh So Beautiful Paper

Donut Galleria PrintsDoughnuts. We love 'em all, don't we? The frosted, the sprinkle-dipped, the jelly-filled and the good old-fashioned glazed. But how about indulging without the calories? For those fellow doughnut lovers out there, we have some stationery to send, art prints to hang (like the one pictured above from  Donut Galleria) and tea towels to use, all dedicated to that perfectly round excuse for devouring dessert for breakfast.

Doughnut Cards

Cards Pictured top row left to right: Nerd Press, 10th and Pepper; Bottom row left to right: Hello Small World, My July; Pictured right: Floating Specks

Doughnut Cards

Pictured top left to right: Fable Paper Co., Hartland Brooklyn and Little Sloth; Bottom left to right: ALP Design, McBittersons Shop and Little Low

Doughnut Prints and Housewares

Art Prints and Housewares Pictured top left to right: Fisk and Fern, JoJo Larue and SS Print Shop; Bottom left to right: The Iron Curtain Press, Thea Estate and Emily McDowell

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