10 Best Restaurants to Follow on Instagram

By: Delia Paunescu

While the joke of photographing food has come and gone, what remains is beautifully lit pictures of truly delicious dishes. And if the hipsters started the trend, the restaurants are doing it even better. Which makes sense, because who better to capture the essence of your favorite menu items than the team responsible for creating it? Even better, restaurant Instagram feeds provide amazing behind-the-scenes snaps of how your favorite food gets made. Here are 10 restaurants (well, eight, plus fantastic ice cream and coffee shops) that really up the food-photo game:


Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is worth following for the name alone. You just know fluffy waffles topped with golden fried chicken will be an amazing addition to your feed. Certainly, the California chain doesn’t disappoint.

Madison, Wis.

Imagine a place where seasonal vegetables are paired with local meats and cheese. Here, craft cocktails expertly complement every meal, and there’s the clean calm of a white background in every shot. Now head over and click “follow” on Forequarter’s Instagram, because that’s exactly what you’ll see from this Madison-based eatery.

Nashville, Tenn.

Even in a town where the foodie culture rivals anything you might see in Brooklyn, Austin or Portland, Rolf and Daughters stands out with photos that are fun and fantastic. See dishes in the middle of prep, before they’re sent out, and after they’ve been devoured. The Nashville restaurant also loves posting videos and calling out other local spots they love. It’ll have you booking a flight to Tennessee in no time.


This elegant American dining room in Miami's Design District is helmed by talented chef Michael Schwartz and boasts fanciful feasts that are as delightful to photograph as they are to eat.

Portland, Ore.

The stylized snaps of Ava Gene’s Roman-inspired dishes are worth a follow, if only because the Portland restaurant’s close-ups are so clear that you might be inspired to combine a few of the rustic ingredients at home yourself.

Venice, Calif.

As the little sister of the original Gjelina in Venice Beach, Takeaway offers sandwiches, salads and wood-fired pizzas in breakfast, lunch and dinner varieties, seven days a week. That’s also exactly what you can expect from their charming Instagrams, where artisanal produce gets posted alongside finished cakes, jams and pizzas.


It’s difficult not to commend a clear vision. The Publican is all about “Pork. Beer. Oysters.” Online, the Chicago darling doesn’t deviate much, though you will enjoy seeing the variety of ways those three main ingredients get used in their kitchen.

New York

For an establishment with such a bold name, don’t expect anything less from their photo feed. Fun snaps and hilarious captions are churned out daily of everything from patrons and their cones to the personal musings of owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff. It’ll have you screaming with laughter for sure.

New York (also in Paris)

If you can’t make it to Buvette’s original location in Paris, then the Instagram for their sister restaurant in New York might suffice. Filled with glimpses into their daily routines, the American outlet shows toast, eggs, and fluffy croissants at breakfast and small, hearty dishes like steak tartare and salade nicoise for dinner. Everything around the cozy restaurant is so beautifully lit and arranged, it might just get you singing "La Vie En Rose" while you organize the pantry.

Based in Portland, Ore., but all over now

We have Stumptown to thank for being the benchmark in the fresh-roasted pour-over coffee movement. Aside from loving them for bringing a great cup of joe to your town, you’ll also love them for providing via their Instagram feed a behind-the-scenes look at how those beans get so good.

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