10 Best Food Pinners to Follow

By: Delia Paunescu

What exactly did people do before Pinterest? Certainly we all lived quite easily without it, sharing recipes with friends through email and snail mail — even saving them to the handy Food Network Recipe Box. But once this addictive social platform came around, sharing the best and brightest among our gastronomic roadmaps became a snap. These days, there are pin boards dedicated to just about every food fad and culinary inclination you can imagine. So to add to the beautiful deluge, here are a few pinners we think are doing it particularly well.

After 14 years in the restaurant business, Nicole Franzen channeled her love of food into photography. When she’s not working on cookbooks, the blogger updates her very beautiful Pinterest boards with stunning shots of Dark Foods and Bright Foods.

Originally from Norway, Marte Marie Forsberg now lives in England where she spends her days shooting food and products. Some of her photographs, along with many more she admires, end up in beautiful pin boards like Delicious Food, Sweet Tooth, and the wonderfully specific Breads and Buns.

Pinner extraordinaire c a r O l i n a, as she prefers to be called, hails from Barcelona and knows how to expertly file away recipes so you can’t stop flipping through. Our favorites include Limon, Pistachio and Cherryberry, but we promise you won’t be able to stop there.

It might seem strange that a jewelry designer would excel at recipe pins, but that’s exactly where Hannah Ferrara succeeds. The creator of Another Feather especially loves to Eat and Drink, though her Bake and Treats page is what truly shines.

Blogger Julie Deily has made a fantastically successful name for herself by allowing The Little Kitchen to be a blog where nothing is too simple or too extravagant for her to make. See her crisp, clean and informational photos on the ever-expanding Made by Me, then head to Food Food Food for a look at what some of her friends have done (with a quick stop to the mightily impressive Desserts Desserts Desserts, of course).

If dinnertime inspiration is wearing you thin, look to the lovely lady behind Oh, Sweet Basil for a burst of energy. No matter what your menu calls for, Carrian has you covered. Start with the most-impressive eponymous board, meander over to Pies and Tarts, browse the Cookies, maybe even the Dips, then stop at Favorite Recipes, a thousand-pin behemoth of a board that’s filled with just about every tasty morsel you’ll ever lay eyes on. With a mealtime like that, you’ll agree the Utah-based blogger has indeed laid the groundwork for any family to reinvent mealtime.

One-time reality star Lauren Conrad has parlayed her TV fame into a very successful blog empire. The Los Angeles native is all about eating clean and loving yourself and her Dine board follows suit. Flipping through it for even five minutes means you’ll know just what to serve at your next dinner party, appetizers through dessert!

By now, it’s no surprise that Joy the Baker is a total treat to follow and adore. But just in case you need reminding, head on over to Pinterest and drool over everything in Food, but especially the beautiful shots in I Like Your Picture Style, where Joy calls out her contemporaries’ favorite snaps.

The Austin-based blogger labels her taste as “healthy, seasonal, (mostly) vegetarian.” On Pinterest, that translates to perfectly fresh ingredients and pin boards for spring, summer, fall and winter to help you make the most out of produce year-round.

Over at Cook Republic’s Pinterest page, you’ll find an unbelievable collection of healthy food, vegetarian food, party food, morning food, baked food, bistro food and even frozen food on sticks. It’s no wonder Sneh Roy, the Australian cookbook author who runs the page, won Best Australian Blog in 2013.

Check out Food Network on Pinterest, too!

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