10 Chefs to Follow on Twitter

Food Network chefs do a mighty fine job of sharing their culinary adventures and personal lives on Twitter. Here’s a handy list of food-world personalities to add to your Twitter roll.
By: Delia Paunescu

Certainly, Food Network chefs do a mighty fine job of sharing their culinary adventures and personal lives in 140 characters on Twitter. So much so that we’re proud to feature them right over here. But just in case you’d like to expand your following, here’s a handy list of top food-world personalities to add to your Twitter roll.

Le Bernardin’s executive chef is turning the standoffish French stereotype on its head with a social presence that’s at once approachable and aspirational. You’ll see Eric Ripert on vacation and in the kitchen in equal measure, which is delightful all the same.

The genius behind Momofuku Milk Bar deserves all the credit in the world for concocting delicious treats like Crack Pie and Cereal Milk. Besides being a dessert whiz in the kitchen, Christina Tosi is also a delight on Twitter, where she’s always on the lookout for snacks and fun to share with followers.

A newcomer to Food Network, the Australian wonder has come a long way from ambushing grocery shoppers on Take Home Chef. Now busy with his brand-new show Kitchen Inferno and a tasting-menu-only restaurant in Beverly Hills, he’s also actively sharing about his day-to-day culinary and personal life on Twitter.

As the owner of New York City’s Baohaus, Eddie Huang is hardly a new kid on the chef’s block, despite his young age. Though the former lawyer is now more focused on promoting Fresh Off The Boat (his memoir and VICE show of the same name), there’s no shortage of entertainment that comes from following the outspoken 32-year-old on Twitter.

If you’d forgotten how completely charming this English chef is, then it’s high time you find him on Twitter. That’s where Jamie Oliver shares news of all his current recipes and partnerships, including the one with England’s school lunch system.

Stephanie Izard’s restaurant Girl and the Goat has everyone flocking to Chicago for her fun, rustic fare. To see how that culinary magic happens, follow her on Twitter, where she shares plenty of photos of roof gardens, perfectly crafted lunches and food festival adventures.

Based in California, Fabio Viviani combines traditional Italian cooking (he is from Florence, after all) with the fresh fare so revered out West. The former Top Chef contestant and cookbook author has two new restaurants in the works for Miami and Chicago, but he still keeps his Twitter following up to date on all projects and morning show appearances.

When the once culinary bad boy isn’t traveling the world for his current CNN show, he’s keeping up with an increasingly popular online persona. On Twitter the former Les Halles chef is known for holding his own in arguments with fans and fellow celebs alike. Anthony Bourdain's comebacks are short, sweet and to the point, but beware of particularly salty language from the television star.

After making The Spotted Pig a New York City destination for locals and tourists alike, April Bloomfield turned her attentions to opening The Breslin and The John Dory Oyster Bar. When not running those three hot spots, the high-scoring Iron Chef America winner finds time to share just how she does it all on Twitter — and chat about her favorite TV shows too.

Daniel Patterson has been running Coi since 2006. For almost as along, the Oakland-based chef has been on Twitter chatting up a storm about what he’s cooking, where he’s eating and how those new steak knives are working out at his restaurant.

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