The 8 Recipes Food Network Magazine Editors Really Want You to Make

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pizza margherita


Photo by: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Ryan Liebe, Ryan K Liebe

Does the blistery cold weather, or the mere fact that summer is still months away, have you longing for a vacation ASAP? While a last-minute exotic escape may not be in the books, the global edition of Food Network Magazine can help make winter more bearable and delicious. Filled with over 100 new recipes, the March issue of Food Network Magazine lets you experience new flavors and colorful spices inspired by the Caribbean, Thailand, Spain and more in your home kitchen.

What should you try first? Browse through Food Network Magazine staff’s picks for inspiration. Here the editors share their favorite dishes as well as the recipes they can’t wait to try. (No, they don’t get to try each and every recipe developed by Food Network Kitchen.) Just like you, they’re bookmarking recipes and taking their own copies into the kitchen.

dulce de leche cookie bars

"I'm slightly obsessed with the Dulce de Leche Cookie Bars (pictured above) Dreamy Dulce de Leche. It was November when we were shooting this issue. After we photographed the bars, the food stylist put out a plate of them and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to eat them all. I wound up making them the following week for Thanksgiving — in pie form! They were a bigger hit than any of the usual Thanksgiving desserts." — Liz Sgroi, Food Director

Shichimi Togarashi


Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

"I can't get enough of our homemade Shichimi Togarashi spice mix. When we tested it in the office on cream cheese-topped bagels, everyone went nuts for it — we think it tastes like a Japanese version of 'everything' seasoning. One great tip that didn't make it in the issue: You can make your own dried orange peel in the microwave. Place fresh orange zest on a paper plate or towel and nuke it for 20 seconds at a time on high until it is fully dry.

I was on set when we shot Ching-He Huang's Dan Dan Noodles and they looked and smelled awesome, so that's the first recipe I'll be making from the March issue." — Lisa Cericola, Senior Editor

stuffed meatballs


Photo by: Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt

"I [also] couldn’t stop putting the togarashi (page 55) on everything — my favorite weekend breakfast is to sprinkle it on a bagel with lox. One of the perks of my job is that there are always spices left over after photo shoots so took some home, picked up the seaweed and dried orange, and went a little crazy making jars for my parents and boyfriend.

I brought the Stuffed Italian Meatballs (No. 2 in the [magazine] and pictured above) to a party and they got glowing reviews. Gooey cheese in the middle of a meatball? Yes, please! Such a simple trick, but everyone’s reactions after their first bite were the exact same range of emotions: What is this I’m biting into? Wait ... it’s cheese. There’s cheese INSIDE of these meatballs? Seriously?! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m trying this next time I make meatballs!"

— Ariana Phillips, Senior Associate Food Editor
baklava with rose water


Photo by: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Ryan Liebe, Ryan K Liebe

"I'm torn between making the  baklava (pictured above) or Katie Lee's  Pizza Margherita (pictured at top) first. I recently visited Turkey and have been eager to try re-creating the delicious Ottoman sweets I had there, but I also just bought a new pizza stone. The way Katie described the pies at Da Baffetto got me craving the thin, cracker-y Roman-style crust and gooey mozzarella!" — Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor



Photo by: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe

Ryan Liebe, Ryan K Liebe

"I love the March issue — it's a delicious trip around the world and it was so much fun in the planning. One of my favorite things is the Weeknight Cooking section — it's awesome seeing how many international meals can be thrown into the mix for a quick weeknight dinner. I've adopted shakshuka into my repertoire — it's so easy to make the tomato sauce and you don't even notice that you're having breakfast for dinner!

I'm also super excited about making Sunny Anderson's bibimbap (pictured above). I love eating this meal at Korean restaurants: the combination of sizzling meat, spicy sauce, bright veggies and crisp rice is such a winner. This version looks super easy to make at home!" — Yasmin Sabir, Senior Editor

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