Our Faves of Your #FoodNetworkFaves: Sticky-Sweet Treats Edition

We don't typically play favorites, but these Instagram shots of sweet-sticky treats led us to crown four #FoodNetworkFaves favorites this week.
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No matter your Instagram following, your filtering prowess or your like-to-minute ratio, nothing truly proves #deliciousness like an old-fashioned, ready-set-go contest. Every other week, we’re coming your way in search of the greatest creations made in your very own kitchen. When we call out the theme on Instagram, put your cooking skills to the test by whipping up your go-to Food Network recipe, snapping a photo and tagging #FoodNetworkFaves for your chance to be featured on FN Dish!

This time around, we were on the search for the stickiest, gooiest baked treats you could muster. We're talkin' glossy cinnamon rolls laced with vanilla, caramel-cloaked confections so sticky they cling to your fork — anything that'll have us lickin' our fingers in sweet, sweet glee. When we took a scroll through our feed, visions of buns, rolls and cakes galore popped up, looking so good we wished we were downing them ourselves.

Without further ado, we present this week's #FoodNetworkFaves winners!

Cinnamon Buns

Easter for  @mollytavoletti meant spirals of transcendentally good cinnamon rolls drizzled in icing. Follow her lead and make your own Classic Cinnamon Rolls, a la Food Network Magazine, in your own oven.

Cinnamon Rolls

These decadent cinnamon rolls by  @luciaalau are all about a luxuriously creamy topping of cinnamon, muscodavo sugar and Greek yogurt. These Cinnamon Rolls also go big on the topping, as they're drizzled with a glaze of maple and freshly brewed coffee.

Sticky Pecan Buns

@sweetspot_rd snapped a close-up of these Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns fresh and hot out of the oven, and you can tell these beauties are dripping and shining with sticky caramel goodness. Dig into the same kind of buns by baking up Ree Drummond's  Mini Pecan Sticky Buns for a nutty, brunch-ready treat.

Cinnamon Crunch Skillet Bread

If we could be anywhere, it would be in  @suekeeley's kitchen devouring this Cinnamon Crunch Skillet Bread. The ooey-gooey, buttery glaze will likely drip from the skillet to your plate (and that can only be a good thing). For a similar recipe, go for Food Network Magazine's Sticky Monkey Bread.

Want in on the fun? Stay tuned next week for our next Instagram call-out. Happy cooking!

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