Why Toast Is On-Trend

Think beyond butter and flip through Food Network Magazine’s 50 toast recipes.

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Why is toast so trendy? The simple combination of mashed avocado on toast has become somewhat of a social media phenomenon (just search # avocadotoast on Instagram). And these days it’s not unheard of to pay upward of $4 for a slice. Is it worth the hype? The verdict of Food Network Kitchen staffers: Yes.

Each issue of Food Network Magazine includes a booklet of 50 themed recipes (March was all about meatballs). This month’s 50 Toasts one of the test kitchen staff’s favorite booklets — ever. “We really enjoyed developing and tasting both savory and sweet recipes. When brainstorming, we had over 100 ideas. Who knows — maybe [there will be] 50 Toasts 2.0? We certainly wouldn’t mind!” says recipe tester Vivian Chang.

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Some toppings are riffs on other breakfast favorites: Think hollandaise-inspired butter with chopped hard-boiled egg for eggs Benedict. But many take inspiration from dinnertime favorites (French onion soup and pepperoni pizza) and even dessert. You may be surprised by how much white toast can take like a chocolate chip cookie when baked with a sprinkle of sugar and chocolate chips.

Each combination makes for a special morning treat, but don’t deprive yourself of enjoying it later in the day too. Just ask Test Kitchen Director, Claudia Sidoti, who says, “I test and taste a ton of recipes every day. By the time my real dinnertime rolls around, the last thing I am thinking about is food. The April issue was chock-full of deliciousness, but I was especially excited by 50 Toasts and loved coming up with crazy new combos. I never got tired of testing these, and they were a huge hit at home. They are perfect for a quick snack or even a light dinner paired with a good salad … that is my idea of a perfect dinner after eating all day long!”

Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

Think beyond butter and flip through Food Network Magazine’s 50 toast recipes. You’ll find one or two (or a dozen) toppings that speak to you.

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