Our Faves of Your #FoodNetworkFaves: The Spectacular Sprinkles Edition

We don't typically play favorites, but these Instagram shots of rainbow-sprinkled treats led us to crown four #FoodNetworkFaves favorites this week.
#FoodNetworkFaves Sprinkles

No matter your Instagram following, your filtering prowess or your like-to-minute ratio, nothing truly proves #deliciousness like an old-fashioned, ready-set-go contest. Every other week, we’re coming your way in search of the greatest creations made in your very own kitchen. When we call out the theme on Instagram, put your cooking skills to the test by whipping up your go-to Food Network recipe, snapping a photo and tagging #FoodNetworkFaves for your chance to be featured on FN Dish!

What better way to celebrate the start of May than by throwing up the confetti? We asked you to show us your best rainbow sprinkle-covered dishes, and you snapped photos for us that were #incredible. You didn't sprinkle just anything, either. The electric-hued, sprinkle-showered confections that filled up our feed were downright creative, not to mention brilliantly delicious looking.

Now let's get on to the good stuff. We are pleased to introduce our winners for this week's #FoodNetworkFaves photo contest!

Sprinkle Cinnamon Buns

@raffychew, you just made our dreams come true! These ooey-gooey Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls are true birthday bliss, #nofilter necessary. For those of us left ogling at our screens, what's stopping us from giving cinnamon rolls the sprinkle treatment right now?

Sprinkle Cookies

Yup, we'll take a batch of  @livegluten_free's Freckle Cookies. When a t humbprint cookie gets dolled up with rainbow sprinkles, it boasts a sweet little crunch in addition to crazy color. Plus, these beauties are totally gluten-free!

Sprinkle Truffles

If life is like a box of chocolates, what's it like to have a box of sprinkled truffles? @makebakecelebrate's lively birthday cake truffles are bathed in sprinkles galore, and we wouldn't mind having a box of them all to ourselves. Make your own truffles at home, and give them the sprinkled treatment for a truly eye-catching treat.

Sprinkle Cake

On its own, cake screams birthday with every slice. But according to @sweetoothfairy, sprinkles make everything better! Covered in pastel sprinkles from head to toe, this cake doesn't even need a candle to bring on the celebration. Bake your very own Fluffy Confetti Birthday Cake to give the birthday girl or boy in your life the sprinkle treatment.

Want in on the fun? Stay tuned next week for our next Instagram call-out. Happy cooking!

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