The Best Bites from the June Issue of Food Network Magazine

Find out which recipes and stories staffers love most. Be prepared to quickly develop a serious craving for an ice cream sandwich.

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Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

With its shiny teal-blue cover and towering cone of homemade mint chip gelato dripping with hot fudge, Food Network Magazine’s Hollywood Edition is easy to spot and hard to resist. The pages are filled with must-try dishes for this season’s upcoming cookouts as well as movie stars’ favorite burgers (along with the not-so-secret recipes), how to host the ultimate movie night at home and crazy popcorn flavors from around the country. We asked staffers which recipes and stories they love most. Find their picks below, but be prepared — you’ll quickly develop a serious craving for an ice cream sandwich.

chocolate ice cream sandwich


Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

“The taste-testing phase of Concession Stand Takeover was one of the most-delicious days I’ve had at Food Network. We all kept cutting tiny pieces to try until eventually we had all eaten the equivalent of a whole sandwich (or many more than that). The crunchy chocolate malt ice cream sandwich was my absolute favorite — the malt powder makes it unexpected and completely amazing.”

— Erica Cohen, Market Editor


Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

“I can’t resist anything with spicy potato chips — or bacon! — so that’s why we’re making Marcela Valladolid’s Spicy Bacon Hot Dog. But I also love a crunchy radish, so I’ll offset the indulgence of the bacon hot dog with the Baby Greens with Radishes and Sunflower Seeds. And the plan for a Father’s Day treat is a licorice ice cream sandwich, which pays homage to Good & Plenty — my husband’s favorite candy!”

— Rory Evans, Executive Editor
green goddess dressing


Photo by: Ryan Liebe

Ryan Liebe

“Working on the June issue, we had so much fun brainstorming, then creating the Concession Stand Takeover recipes. There were strong arguments as everyone defended their favorite movie candy, but I think we covered all the classics when turning them into ice cream sandwiches. Thankfully, my favorite, Milk Duds, makes an appearance — I do love tipping the box into warm popcorn and eating the salty-sweet treat, but I think this combination of chocolate cookies, caramel sauce and dulce de leche ice cream may be even better.

“I’m also looking forward to stepping up my summer salad game with the well-dressed salads in the issue. I’ll be making a batch of that delicious green goddess dressing. The plan is to toss it with salad and share it at a picnic, but I think I may just end up using it as a dip for vegetables when I snack … hey, it’s healthy!”

— Yasmin Sabir, Senior Editor


Photo by: Jeff Harris/Studio D ©Hearst Communications Inc.

Jeff Harris/Studio D, Hearst Communications Inc.

“My favorite story from the June issue was “ Pop Culture.” I am a huge popcorn fan, so it was a lot of fun to work on this story and taste all the different flavors. I have a newfound love for “Pink’adelic” popcorn. It’s covered in white chocolate, Pop Rocks and Nerds. I have a secret stash of it in my desk drawer.”

— Rachel Keaveny, Art Assistant
chocolate caramel ice cream sandwich


Photo by: Levi Brown

Levi Brown

“I've been waiting months for this issue to come out so I could start telling everyone I know about the concession-stand ice cream sandwiches (or standwiches, as we nicknamed them). They really taste just like the candies that inspired them! I don't like playing favorites, but the Milk Dud-inspired one is pretty much the only dessert I'll need this summer.”

— Ana Rocha, Editorial Assistant
the office burger


Photo by: Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt

"If ever there was a reason to spend 45 minutes crafting a cheeseburger (rather than the three it takes to order one from a fast-food counter), the Father’s Office burger is it, in my opinion. The toppings are what make it special: arugula, Gruyère and an onion-bacon compote. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal is a fan, and that’s really all the endorsement I need."

— Sarah Weinberg, Senior Associate Editor
strawberry spinach salad


Photo by: Ryan Liebe

Ryan Liebe

“I’m always asked about how the food in our magazine looks so tasty (we hire talented professionals!), and if it’s actually edible (it is!). I love that Susan Spungen shared some fun facts about being a food stylist with our readers [“In the Know — Cooking for the Big Screen”] so that they could better understand what goes into making food camera-ready.

“I live on salads during the summer, whether for lunch, dinner or a contribution to a potluck picnic. I’ll definitely be making our three base dressings (mustard vinaigrette, blue cheese and green goddess) from “ Dressing for Summer” to have at the ready.

“We couldn’t get enough of the Father’s Day Stout Shake from the June calendar (recipe at the bottom of post) while we were testing it in the office. There’s something about the creamy coffee and chocolatey beer combination that made these feel really decadent. Good thing I love my dad, because he’s the only one I’d be willing to share this with — sorry, Mom!”

— Ariana Phillips, Senior Associate Food Editor
popcorn buttons

“Next to Santa Claus, I don’t think there was anything in childhood that exerted such wonderment in me as popcorn. When my mother made it (not too often), it was a production I did not want to miss: cast-iron skillet, red-edged enamel lid, lots of back-and-forth jostling — and of course those battlefield-like sound effects. I’d hate to admit how many years it was before I finally learned what exactly caused the popcorn to pop (many, many years). I recently learned lots more about popcorn, thanks to the June issue. For one thing, popcorn comes in two basic shapes — snowflake and mushroom — and for another, unpopped kernels are known as ‘old maids.’ What a neat thing to know. My early enthusiasm for popcorn has never gone stale, I’m happy to state, and I was sure gladdened to find these popcorn buttons a few years ago, which I mounted on card stock.”

— David Cobb Craig, Copy Editor
chocolate stout milkshake


©Lannen/Kelly / Alamy

Lannen/Kelly / Alamy

Grown-Up Milkshake for Father’s Day

Blend 1 1/2 cups coffee ice cream with 1/2 cup stout and 1 tablespoon coffee liqueur.

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