The Ultimate Burger Guide from the July/August Issue of Food Network Magazine

From fancy flavored buns to regionally inspired toppings, you’ll find new ways to enhance your grilled patty all summer long.


Photo by: Ryan Dausch

Ryan Dausch

The mouthwatering burger you see pictured above features the results of Food Network Magazine's survey that asked thousands of fans what makes a perfect burger. The findings: Most people cook their patties to medium, are pro-bacon, choose a sesame seed bun over plain and prefer cheddar cheese to American. But voters also shared some less obvious burger additions — like peanut butter, kimchi and pickled beets — revealing that almost nothing is off-limits in burger building.

To celebrate the versatile backyard fare, the July/August issue features an entire section dedicated to the art of the hamburger. From fancy flavored buns to regionally inspired toppings, you’ll find new ways to enhance your grilled patty all summer long. Find snippets of the guidebook below.

wisconsin burger


Photo by: Ryan Dausch

Ryan Dausch

Pick your topping combos based on your home state or somewhere you’d like to visit. Pictured above: the Wisconsin-inspired burger with cheese curds, grilled onions and Tater Tots on a crusty roll.



Photo by: Alasdair Thomson ©(c) Alasdair Thomson

Alasdair Thomson, (c) Alasdair Thomson

The creators of some of America’s best burgers share their best tips for home cooks. Richard Blais’ piece of advice? “Substitute 20 to 30 percent of meat with ground diced mushrooms. They add umami to a burger and most people don’t even notice.” Get the other 24 tips here.

bacon bun


Photo by: Jon Paterson/Studio D

Jon Paterson/Studio D

Don’t settle for a plain bun, especially when it takes less than 10 minutes to add flavor to the store-bought kind. Discover eight fun ways to customize a classic bun. Skeptics should start with the bacon and cheddar buns pictured above, because bacon.

brat burger


Photo by: Ryan Dausch

Ryan Dausch

Beating Bobby Flay

Can you make a better burger than Bobby Flay? Food Network Magazine challenged readers to beat his Spanish burger and chose three winning recipes: Italian Burgers with Roasted Tomatoes, Brat Burgers with Stout Aioli (pictured above) and Danish Meatball Burgers with Pickled Red Cabbage. Choose one to make at home and judge for yourself.

Tonight’s Special

Be the butcher and mix up your meat. Find inspiration from the infographic below.

burger infographic


Photo by: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

Ben Goldstein/Studio D

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