Editor's Picks from the July/August Issue of Food Network Magazine

Find out which recipes from the new issue the magazine editors are most excited about.

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lobster rolls


Photo by: David Malosh

David Malosh

By now you know that Food Network Magazine’s July/August issue boasts an incredible burger section. And while the endless combinations of bun, toppings and meat blends can (and should) keep you occupied all summer long, there are plenty more all-American summer dishes to make for this BBQ season. The magazine staffers, for example, are beyond excited about the red, white and blue desserts for today’s 4th of July celebration. (The patriotic desserts taste just as delicious on July 5 and every day following, so don’t fret if they don’t make it to this year’s fireworks festivities.) Other highly anticipated recipes from the new issue include 50 things to make with zucchini, no-churn cheesecake ice cream and lobster rolls. Read on to find out what other recipes you should be making.

“We don’t always eat the food we photograph for the magazine — sometimes it’s been sitting out a little too long, or too many hands have primped and prodded it — but no one could resist Jeff Mauro’s lobster rolls (pictured above). As soon as they were shot, everyone on set dug right in. The recipe is super simple, but that’s how I like my lobster rolls: big chunks of lobster meat with just a little mayo and celery. And a butter-toasted bun, of course.”

— Lisa Cericola, Features Editor
red velvet fireworks cake


Photo by: Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis

"I think every holiday deserves a showstopping dessert, so I’ll be making the Red Velvet Fireworks Cake this Fourth of July. It’s just as pretty on the outside as it is once you cut a slice. Plus, more layers equals more frosting, and that’s something I’ll never complain about.”

— Sarah Weinberg, Senior Associate Editor
slow-cooker pulled pork


Photo by: Sarah Anne Ward

Sarah Anne Ward

“I want to make Trisha Yearwood’s Slow-Cooker Georgia Pulled Pork — on summer weekends, we are in and out of the house, and I love the idea of setting the slow cooker, going about my day and then coming home to a delicious dinner. And for the Fourth, my daughter and I will make the Stars and Stripes Cupcakes!

—Rory Evans, Executive Editor
no-churn ice cream


Photo by: Ryan Liebe

Ryan Liebe

“I can make all of the things I love to eat — except for cheesecake and ice cream. Every recipe I’ve come across for these two has intimidated me; therefore I’ve never tried to make them. There’s a bit of science involved when making cheesecake and ice cream. When I cook, I tend to improvise, and there’s little opportunity for passionate improvising when it comes to the basic essentials necessary in making these delectable creamy indulgences. However! As I read the recipe for our No-Churn Blueberry-Cheesecake Ice Cream, a slow smile spread across my face. I was amazed at how easy it would be to make two of my favorite sweets with little science, on a smaller scale, in one dessert and with the glorious bonus of blueberries! Some say the magic happens outside your comfort zone. This summer, I will take my first steps toward magically making a whole cheesecake and ice cream with this easy-breezy dessert to start!”

— Heather DiBeneditto, Associate Managing Editor
zucchini tart

Photo by: Con Poulos

Con Poulos

“Every summer, my family typically harvests more zucchini from our garden than we know what to do with. Last year, one freak-of-nature squash grew to be the size of a Louisville Slugger! Come harvest time, I can’t wait to put the 50 Zucchini Recipes insert to the test … because there certainly won’t be a zucchini shortage at my house.”

— Lauren Masur, Assistant Editor
onion rings


Photo by: Dave Lauridsen ©dave lauridsen 2015

Dave Lauridsen, dave lauridsen 2015

“They're not usually a favorite food of mine, but Richard Blais changed my opinion of onion rings — his recipe is outstanding! They're light, crisp and perfectly flavored. Plus, he is such a fun guy to spend the day with at the shoot.

— Ian Doherty, Art Director
grilled pork


Photo by: Charles Masters

Charles Masters

“I loved the Grilled Dry-Rubbed Pork from Weeknight Cooking. We used pork loin instead of chops, and the black-eyed peas and collard greens side is smoky and delicious.”

— Robb Riedel, Managing Editor
poprocks cupcake


Photo by: Jon Paterson/Studio D

Jon Paterson/Studio D

“I was on a personal mission to get Pop Rocks into the red, white and blue desserts story as we were coming up with ideas as to how to make treats patriotic. We stuck to color-inspired sweets, but I got my wish on the July Calendar page with a “fireworks-inspired” cupcake. The pop and fizz makes for a really fun surprise as you bite in. (To make, just poke holes in the tops of mini cupcakes, fill with Pop Rocks and frost.)

“If you’re looking for a dish that sums up summertime, I’d recommend the Spaghettini with Corn and Clams. It reminded me of my childhood vacations to Cape Cod.

“My coworkers are tired of hearing me talk about how much I love 'zoodles' (zucchini noodles), so I think they’re all pretty happy that I have new ways to use the veggie! Check out our 50 Zucchini Recipes booklet if your garden crops runneth over. “

— Ariana Phillips, Senior Associate Editor
Blueberry Elderflower Pie


Photo by: Ryan Liebe

Ryan Liebe

“I loved the 50 Zucchini Recipes! Not only because it was a vegetable-centric booklet, but because I really LOVE zucchini — they are so versatile and easy to cook with. I love the Cacio e Pepe (No. 45) particularly, as well as the Zucchini Parm Sandwiches (No. 27).

“I also really loved working on the Simple Summer Pasta story, since I love easy pasta recipes in the summer. The Spaghettini with Corn and Clams and the Garden Pasta with Lemon Ricotta were big faves in my house.

“The Red Velvet Fireworks Cake was really spectacular, and I am saving that recipe for my July 4 th cookouts for years to come — what a show stopper!

“But I think my favorite recipe is the one that screams summer the most for me, and that is the Blueberry Elderflower Pie. I instantly think of my summers in Maine when I hear "blueberry pie." This recipe was totally inspired by my childhood summer memories of picking local wild Maine blueberries and baking the first-of-the-season pie for our annual cookout. The elderflower gives it a little extra something special.”

— Claudia Sidoti, Test Kitchen Director
jack and coke slushies


Photo by: Sarah Anne Ward

Sarah Anne Ward

“The ‘Seriously Cool’ slushies were my favorite recipes! Not only were they modern takes on old favorites, but we were developing these in winter. Everyone on the team was super excited to know that summer was eventually going to make it here! (You can find all of the drink recipes in the recipe index.)

50 Zucchini Recipes was another great story! I bet everyone who gardens often has a generous supply of zucchini. Now instead of giving them all away, we discovered ways to enjoy the vegetables and share with our loved ones.”

— Vivian Chan, Recipe Tester
giant hamburger


“There were the Lost Generation, the Greatest Generation and Generation X. Since I don't belong to any of those, I think of myself as part of the Hamburger Generation. All my life the hamburger has gotten more popular year by year, and cooks everywhere are always coming up with innovative ways to make it even more irresistible — as evidenced by the mouthwatering hamburger recipes I can't wait to experience from the latest Food Network Magazine

“This past May, I had the chance to visit Seymour, Wisconsin, one of two or three municipalities that claim bragging rights to the first hamburger. In 1885, Charlie Nagreen flattened the meatball sandwiches he was vending at the Seymour Fair to make it easier for fairgoers to eat while ambulating. I snapped this photo of the grill on which a 8,266-pound burger sizzled in 2001, then a world record. A crane was used to lift the grill lid, but how did they flip that four-ton patty, I wonder.”

— David Cobb Craig, copy editor

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