There's Such a Things As a Wheel of Fortune Cookbook

Do they even cook on that show?
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There's Now a Wheel of Fortune Cookbook

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Picasa 3.0

By Lauren Haslett

After reading that headline, you may be wondering, "Why?!" (I wrote it, and I’m still wondering that.) What does Wheel of Fortune have to do with food?

It might seem like an odd idea, but this collectible cookbook is full of fun recipes with quirky, playful titles and classic, comforting flavors — like the Vanna Banana Pudding, Wheely Good Mac & Cheese and the Stacked Spin-tacular Party Cake. And the names don’t just sound cute; the banana pudding recipe is actually a family favorite straight from Vanna White herself, and it's only one of many that she contributed to the book. Are you interested yet?

As well as recipes provided and inspired by White and the longtime host of the show, Pat Sajak, the book also includes dishes submitted by fans to the show’s recipe contest, behind-the-scenes photos from the show, a photo timeline of White’s ever-changing and flat-out amazing wardrobe, and personal stories and anecdotes from the Wheel of Fortune “family,” as the cast is called in the official press release about the cookbook’s launch.

Aw. Doesn’t the thought of Sajak and White sitting around the table make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

A partnership with the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, the cookbook is in stores now and sells for $21.95.

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