Our Faves of Your #FoodNetwork Faves: The Lunch Edition

We don't typically play favorites, but these Instagram shots of homemade lunches led us to crown six #FoodNetworkFaves winners.

No matter your Instagram following, your filtering prowess or your like-to-minute ratio, nothing truly proves #deliciousness like an old-fashioned, ready-set-go contest. We’re coming your way in search of the greatest creations made in your very own kitchen. When we call out the theme on Instagram, put your cooking skills to the test by whipping up your go-to Food Network recipe, snapping a photo and tagging #FoodNetworkFaves for your chance to be featured on FN Dish!

They may say breakfast is the most-important meal of the day, but whoever said that first hasn't felt the midday hunger pangs. In the spirit of eating better in the new year, we're all about bring-your-own-lunch picks for work or school. When we took a scroll through our #FoodNetworkFaves feed, we saw a whole lot more than limp, sorry sandwiches. Whether you were packing them up for your own lunch or for your kid's, these satisfying lunch picks inspire those of us who buy lunch on a day-to-day basis.

As you scroll and scroll and scroll, it doesn't take long to realize that  @sylina_lunches' whole Instagram feed is made for the bento box believers out there. She's got five kids under her roof, and we'd venture to guess they're each the envy of the cafeteria, day in and day out.

Her account is named @sara_makes_lunch, so you best believe what Sara is all about. Her rainbow repertoire of fun lunches knows no bounds — lucky for her kid. On this day in particular, she packed up leftovers from dinner, homemade fettuccine and meatballs (with a little side of Parmesan cheese), plus sweet peppers, blackberries and lemonade cupcakes.

This home-packed lunch from  @anslosse has everything a little kid would want: juicy fruits, heart-shaped foods, little sandwiches, cheese cubes and a cute pink bottle to boot. Plus, none of the foods touch, resounding with pet-peeved people everywhere.

Now for the big kids! We agree with @peasknees: Meals served in Mason jars are all the rage. This layered Thai beef salad looks super satisfying — and fit for lunch or even dinner.

A self-proclaimed "eating machine," @jessdrawn_thtway made moves to step up her lunch game. Seeing her lunch of seasoned hard-boiled eggs along with jalapeno, bean, corn and cheese tacos, plus sugar snap peas and carrots for a snack, we'd place bets that she made it to dinnertime no problem.

When @devamadeo made lunch, it was fresh to the max — and seriously beautiful. Her crunchy, fresh wild rice salad came dressed up with mozzarella cheese, mint and a red grapefruit vinaigrette.

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