Here's What Hailee Steinfeld Eats in a Day

Hint: It involves a lot of cereal.

When Hailee Steinfeld performs, the "Capital Letters" artist is anything but understated. In honor of Kellogg’s National Cereal Day Eve, she came out on stage rocking a fierce pair of bright-red boots, a red dress and a hooded, mesh kimono. The self-proclaimed cereal lover took the stage around 11:30 p.m., belted some of her top songs and led a New Year's Eve-esque countdown. The night was complete with cereal-themed snacks, appearances by Toucan Sam and Tony the Tiger and a massive, hanging cereal bowl that "dropped" (spun) at midnight.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

March 6, 2018 - New York City: HHailee Steinfeld at Kellogg's National Cereal Day Party at the Kellogg's NYC Cafe, where she performed an intimate concert for friends and fans. -- PICTURED: Hailee Steinfeld -- PHOTO BY: Sara Jaye Weiss/

Photo by: Sara Jaye Weiss

Sara Jaye Weiss

Basically, it was better than any New Year’s Eve party I’ve been to.

If you’ve been following Steinfeld’s career in the last few years, you’d know that the actor/artist is unstoppable. Her newly released song, "Capital Letters" was featured in Fifty Shades Freed, she’ll be going on tour with Charlie Puth later this summer and she has a new movie "Bumblebee" due out by the end of the year. And this super-busy lifestyle means having food on hand to keep her energy up.

But when it comes to her taste in food, Steinfeld actually keeps things rather simple.

"Peanut butter is my thing," said Steinfeld. "You can eat it with anything, whether it’s like graham crackers, carrots..." And when it comes to her rider requirements, Steinfeld goes for a classic turkey and avocado sandwich.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

March 6, 2018 - New York City: Hailee Steinfeld fuels up with a bowl of Rice Krispies at the Kellogg's NYC Cafe, where later she will perform an intimate concert in celebration of National Cereal Day. -- PICTURED: Hailee Steinfeld -- PHOTO BY: Sara Jaye Weiss/

Photo by: Sara Jaye Weiss

Sara Jaye Weiss

Aside from a sammy and protein-packed snack, the "Let Me Go" singer admitted that there is nothing better in her opinion than a bowl of cereal — a sentiment we can all get behind. But there is a method to her morning madness.

"Here’s what I do: Pour the cereal first, then pour the milk, but I always pour a little extra milk because I know that when I’m done with my cereal, I’m just going to keep re-pouring cereal in there until I finish the milk. So basically, when I go to pour the milk, I basically pour how many bowls of cereal I’m going to have."

Every once in a while, though, she lets things get a little crazy, admitting to enjoying the addition of regular (not Flamin’ Hot) Cheetos to her sandwiches and throwing some Froot Loops (or really any cereal) on top of her ice cream.

But there are a few things Steinfeld couldn’t get behind. When we filled her in on the trend of eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in milk, essentially as cereal (which, yes, it's a thing, look it up), she politely declined the suggestion. One that she agreed to trying? That would be soy sauce and vanilla ice cream. You heard it here first — if Hailee Steinfeld starts eating soy sauce on vanilla ice cream, that was us. You’re welcome.

Photos: Instagram/ @haileesteinfeld; Kellogg's

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