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Food Network stars answer your burning questions from the May issue of Food Network Magazine.

Guy, recipes often ask for different kinds of mustard — dry, ground, yellow. Does it really matter which I use?

Anja Martin from Thrall, Texas

Yes, it does matter. The reason has to do with intensity. It's best to use the one the recipe calls for the first time around and then take the liberty to tweak to your taste after. For me, the hotter the mustard, the better!

— Guy Fieri

Sunny, some men hate it when their significant others pick food off their plates — and my man is no exception. But for some reason, there is always a bite on his plate that calls my name. How do I take it off his plate without irritating him?

Kathleen Sebastian from Richmond, Calif.

You are really brave! I practice a passport system: You need to ask permission to enter my plate borders before even ordering. If you wait until the plate arrives, you won't make it through customs. He loves you, but he's been with his stomach all his life — it's a strong bond. Of course, there's always the "look over there!"  — then grab trick, too, but you have to be smooth!

— Sunny Anderson
Anne, how do you choose a good olive oil?
Aline Landry from Baton Rouge, La.

There are so many great kinds available, and they all vary widely. Tuscan olive oils are a little peppery, while Ligurian olive oils (from Northwestern Italy) are a bit fruity. Have fun and play with them — but always go for extra virgin.

— Anne Burrell

Alex, nobody describes their meals like you do. How did you learn to give such hunger-inducing food descriptions?

Carol Jurado from Branson, Mo.

I'm flattered — thank you! Honestly, I'm pretty much always thinking about food because it's both my work and my hobby. I also have a daughter who further fuels my passion for cooking and eating. I believe describing and tasting food with her has enhanced my powers of description!

— Alex Guarnaschelli

Jeff, peanut butter and jelly is my favorite sandwich. How would you make it more adult?

Shannon Farrell Bartkowski via Facebook

I would use cashew or almond butter. And instead of normal grape jelly, use an Adriatic fig spread, pepper jelly or any other jarred fruit spread. Put both on lightly toasted fresh rye bread and smother with some smashed barbecue chips — that's one PG-13 PB&J.

— Jeff Mauro

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