#TBT: Marcela Valladolid

Marcela Valladolid

Photo by: brad swonetz ©brad swonetz photography

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It’s Thursday, and while that means everyone is just one day away from the weekend, it also means it’s time to throw back — to an earlier period in Food Network’s history. Check back on FN Dish every Thursday to find the latest #tbt of your favorite chefs and get a retro look at their earliest days on TV.

While Marcela Valladolid may be one of five fresh faces on the all-new series The Kitchen, she got her start on Food Network as the premiere resource on Mexican cuisine. Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, this culinary school-trained chef spent time as a caterer before moving stateside to pursue her first-ever Food Network series, Mexican Made Easy.

Marcela recently told FN Dish that her culinary point of view is "quick, easy, approachable and Mexican at the core," which is likely why her go-to recipes from Mexican Made Easy have become some of fans' favorite Mexican dishes. With her relatable explanations and helpful tips, she's broken down traditional cooking techniques to make them simple for home cooks and has shared recipes for reinvented classics, like Mexico City-Style Tacos, Easiest-Ever Chicken Mole Enchiladas and Shrimp Ceviche.

Just last month Marcela joined Geoffrey, Jeff, Katie and Sunny to make up the panel of The Kitchen, where she’s sure to continue demonstrating her effortless approach to family-friendly cooking. "I’m sure all of us appreciate … easy and approachable menus," Marcela explained to FN Dish of her co-hosts on The Kitchen, "but because … I’m a mom, it’s just something that I totally gravitate toward." Marcela has a son, and on the show she's often quick to interject with tips on feeding young appetites and cooking with kids.

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