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Ted Allen

It’s Thursday, and while that means everyone is just one day away from the weekend, it also means it’s time to throw back — to an earlier period in Food Network’s history. Check back on FN Dish every Thursday to find the latest #tbt of your favorite chefs and get a retro look at their earliest days on TV.

While contestants, guest judges and mystery ingredients may come and go in the Chopped kitchen, Ted Allen is reliably present, having been a fixture of the show since its very first season premiered in 2009. The long-standing host knows the competition like few others and has delivered fateful elimination results to some of the most-famed chefs in battle.

Before Ted took his place in the Chopped kitchen, however, he was a familiar face on Food Detectives, which first aired on Food Network in 2008. This science-skewed series posed the hows and whys of the food world, and it was up to Ted's team of experimenters to find out the answers by testing theories firsthand.

Given Chopped and Food Detectives, many may know Ted as a host, but this culinary enthusiast is also a published cookbook author and has even faced off against Chopped judges on Chopped After Hours. Ted has shared tried-and-true recipes with fans, and he's known for offering straightforward how-tos that deliver deliciously satisfying results. His Food Network Magazine recipes for Baked Chicken Breasts with Parmesan Crust, Thai Beef Skewers with Pickled Cucumbers, and Primavera with Prosciutto, Asparagus and Carrots produce easy-to-make classics that are ideal for everyday cooking and dressed-up entertaining alike.

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