Smarter Supermarket Shopping Guaranteed with Melissa's Easy Tips

In her all-new Web series, Melissa shares go-to tips for grocery shopping with ease.
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Shopping on a Budget Tips 01:45

Melissa shares her top five tips for budget grocery shopping.

Given your work commitments, the kids’ activities and the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the road, it can seem like a feat simply making it to the supermarket at all, let alone enjoying the experience and feeling prepared for family meals — and checking out under budget. That’s where Melissa d’Arabian comes in. The host of Ten Dollar Dinners and the Web-exclusive Picky Eaters Project just launched the all-new Web series  Smart Carts: Winning the Supermarket, devoted to making your experience at the grocery store simpler and more strategic with just a few good-to-know tricks for conquering the aisles no matter where you shop.

Over the course of eight videos, Melissa shares her tried-and-true secrets for saving time and money at the market, including ways to know when is best to bulk shop and how to get the job done in a hurry. Click the play button on the video above to watch the first of her all-new videos, then read on below to pick up Melissa’s supermarket savvy with six of her top tips.

1. Pick up a copy of the store's flyer. Be sure to grab one when you walk in, Melissa advises. By shopping for the bargain items listed there and using them to dictate what you buy (and cook), you can greatly cut down on costs.

2. Don't forget that bulk shopping is a two-way street. There are times when it saves to stock up on large numbers of goods, but don't be afraid to buy just a small amount of a specific item if that's all you need, Melissa explains.

3. When it comes to the dairy aisle, keep in mind that some items last longer than others. It's OK to stock up on something like yogurt, which doesn't go bad right away, Melissa says.

4. Opt for the large packages of protein. Though the meat counter is notoriously pricey, Melissa notes, you can save money by choosing large packages, then portioning and freezing them when you get home.

5. Instead of browsing the stores aisle by aisle, let your list guide you to specific places in the store. And stick to just those destinations, as this will help keep your shopping trip on track, according to Melissa.

6. Compare prices by weight. In the produce aisle, before filling up a baggie of loose vegetables, check out how much the prepackaged goods are. Melissa notes that if you compare the prices by weight, you can see which option is less expensive at any given time.

Check out more from Supermarket Shopping, and hear from Melissa in her regular column on FN Dish.

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