Ree Drummond Launches Homeware Line, Loves Turquoise and Teals

We checked in with Ree at her product launch party to get her favorite entertaining tips.

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The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is bringing her favorite home goods to your table with the launch of her serveware line out this fall. It’s a fun and flea-market-inspired collection that Ree is incredibly close to — down to picking out the number of dots on each porcelain cup. From cake plates to measuring cups, you’ll be able to outfit your weeknight table or party spread. We checked in with her at the product launch party to find out what she’s up to when she’s not designing glassware or developing recipes.

What's your favorite holiday or occasion to celebrate?

Ree Drummond: I love any holiday, but I'd have to say my favorites are Christmas and any of my kids' birthdays.

What color or pattern most represents your entertaining style?

RD: Oh, this is tough, because I have so many "favorite" colors. I tend to gravitate toward turquoise and teals, oranges and reds, and bright greens and golds — my new collection is a reflection of all of them. It really doesn't matter what holiday you're celebrating — you can work those colors into most any occasion!

What kitchen tool can’t you live without?

RD: My all-purpose slotted turner is my best friend in the kitchen. I love the sharp edge. I use it for everything!

What’s the first recipe you invented or felt that you perfected?

RD: In college, I invented a vegetarian pasta dish that I haven't been able to replicate in the years since. It had some crazy mix of good-quality ingredients and college-quality ingredients, and I added lots of garlic, black pepper and Romano cheese. I would give anything to be able to replicate that dish today; my roommate and I would eat it while watching 90210 and Knots Landing. Ah, those were the days! My mom insists that I perfected her cinnamon rolls, which I argue were already perfect! But basically, I just kept adding butter and sugar until I couldn't add any more.

What food or dish first made you fall in love with food?

RD: I'm sure it was some form of macaroni and cheese — a lifelong favorite of mine. I pretty much have a lifelong love affair with food, though. Whatever I'm eating in the moment is what I love the most.

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